Data and Statistical Services

The AUA understands that statistical analysis is a key component of health care research, which is why it offers comprehensive professional data analysis to urologists and urology practices, other researchers and government and industry groups. Its capabilities include:

  • Study design and statistical consulting
  • Data collection, mining and analysis
  • Methodologic development and statistical modelling
  • Survey design, development and reporting
  • Interpretation and presentation of results

Services are fee-based at a very competitive rate, and AUA members receive a discount as a part of an AUA member benefits. Some recent data projects include evaluating and analyzing the geographic distribution of physicians, determinants of hospital charges, AUA Annual Meeting attendance, member satisfaction surveys, membership trends and clinical studies on conditions such as overactive bladder (OAB), BPH, and hypogonadism.

AUA's goal is to build long-term relationships with member researchers, government stakeholders and industry partners by ensuring your satisfaction through:

  • Prompt turnaround times
  • Sophisticated and cutting edge methods
  • Expertise in health services research and broad connection with research communities and industry groups

To learn more about the AUA statistical and data consulting services, please contact Data Services at