Day of the Exam: Materials

In-Service Examination Proctor Guidelines [pdf]

Proctor Checklist [pdf]

Examinee Instructions [pdf]

I. Introduction

General Information for Proctors

Please read these instructions carefully before the examination date; there are several important details to be aware of in the preparation and administration of the ISE and OKAT.

While the 2019 AUA ISE and OKAT will be offered as online computerized examinations, they remain proctored examinations. As proctor, you are responsible for the administration of the examination in compliance with the rules outlined in this document and for maintaining the security of the examination environment throughout the exam.

The examination is the property of and copyrighted by the American Urological Association Education and Research, Inc. It may not be copied or reproduced in any manner.

Examination Irregularities

Proctors are responsible for assuring the integrity of the examination administration process at their test site. Every effort must be made on the part of the program director to avoid examination irregularities. Cheating on the examination includes the copying of another’s answers; permitting one’s answers to be copied; unauthorized use, possession, reproduction or disclosure of examination content and materials; and use of unauthorized reference materials during the examination. Proctors should be vigilant in assuring that such incidents do not occur. Please report any irregular behavior that you observe or have reported to you by anyone else during the exam administration to the AUA Exam Staff immediately.

II. Exam Day - Administering the Examination

Setting Up the Workstations

Please arrive at the exam room with enough time to launch the AUA Secure Browser on each of the computers that will be used to administer the ISE/OKAT before the examinees arrive. You should leave the Examinee Login screen open on the screen of each computer. If examinees will be using their personal laptops and bringing them to the exam, it would be helpful for them to arrive early too so that proctors may complete the computer station set-up ahead of the start time.

Checking In Examinees

A printed Examinee Roster should be brought to the test site. As the examinees arrive to the exam room, check their photo ID to be sure that their name matches the information provided on the roster, mark the examinees as present on your roster.

Please provide examinees with one (1) copy of the Examinee Instructions for them to review prior to starting the exam. Examinees may use the back side of these instructions as scratch paper during the exam.

Starting the Exam

When all examinees have been seated, ask that they verify that the Examinee Login screen is displayed on their computers. When you are ready to start the exam, you will instruct the examinees to start the exam by entering their Registration ID and Last Name and clicking the Submit button. The information entered must match what is listed on the Examinee Roster, otherwise they can become locked out of the exam.

Note: The exam starts to time down after the Examinee logs in to begin the exam.

III. Supervision During the Examination

The proctors must be present throughout the entire examination. Proctors should stay alert to any unusual movements by examinees and monitor the conduct of the examination by walking around the room unobtrusively. Examinees are not permitted to use written notes or make written notes of the examination content. The back side of the Examinee Instructions page may be used as scratch paper for any written work necessary for answering a specific question. The Examinee Instructions page must be returned to the proctor at the conclusion of the exam regardless of whether the examinee used it as scratch paper. Examinees must note their AUA Identification Number at the top of the Examinee Instructions page.

Interruption of the Examination

If an examinee must leave the room temporarily while the exam is in progress, the examinee must click the Pause button for exam security reasons. A white screen that states, “You have paused your exam” will appear. The examinee must select either Pause or Cancel. If Pause, the timer will stop and the test will log out. The examinee will need to log back in to the exam in order to resume the exam. If the examinee wants to return to the test without pausing, click the Cancel button. An extended interruption should be noted. If an examinee withdraws permanently during the course of the examination, the proctor should provide the AUA with a note of explanation.

Answering Questions

The proctor may answer any question regarding examination procedures. However, questions about the meaning of examination items, including the item stem and response options should not be answered. If questions arise about particular items, the proctor should note them and email pertinent comments to AUA Exams Staff.

IV. After the Examination

Collect Examinee Instructions/Scratch Paper

Collect the Examinee Instructions page from each examinee at the conclusion of the exam regardless of whether it was used as scratch paper. Be sure the AUA Identification Number is noted at the top of the Examinee Instructions page. No notes or examination materials may be taken out of the examination room. For security purposes, the collected paper should be shredded. It does not need to be returned to the AUA.

V. Contact Numbers

For technical problems with the AUA examinations during the test administration, please call Internet Testing Systems (ITS) Technical Support at 1-800-514-8494 (international: 443-573-8399).

For all other issues or questions, please contact the AUA Exam Staff during the test administration by calling AUA at 410-689-4018.

VI. Program and Proctor Information

If previously designated Proctors or their email addresses have changed, please email AUA at