ISE/OKAT Examinee Instructions

AUA In-Service Examination Examinee Instructions [pdf]

Each Examinee should receive a copy of these instructions on test day. Please print out a copy for all Examinees.

You will be taking a computerized examination today. The Login screen should be open on your workstation. If it is not, please notify your proctor. You may use the back side of this document as scratch paper during the exam. Please note that this is the only paper allowed to be used during the exam and it should returned to your proctor after completing the exam.

When instructed to do so by your proctor:

  1. Place your Name and Registration ID at the top of this form.   Your Registration ID is:  "2019_######" where "######" is your AUA ID number without leading zeros. 

    Tip: Your AUA ID number will be provided by your proctor if you are unsure what it is. Note, some IDs will be 6 digits long while others will be 7.
  2. On the login screen, enter your Registration ID in the first box.  (2019_######)
  3. Enter your Last Name and then click the Login button to reach the Welcome screen. ·   

           Tip: If your login fails, please ask the proctor to double-check the Roster to confirm the AUA ID and spelling of your last name - it must match exactly (including case, punctuation, leading zeroes, etc.)

The Welcome screen will display a Start link that you click to launch your exam and takes you to a Welcome message. Advance the page by clicking the Next button in the lower right-hand corner.

The AUA Non-Disclosure Agreement page will be displayed. You must read and select I Agree to acknowledge that you are the examinee and that you accept and agree to be bound by the non-disclosure terms and conditions. Clicking on I Agree allows you to advance to the next screen.

The Key Features page will be displayed. This provides information about the navigation buttons available to you during the exam. Please read through each of the Key Feature descriptions carefully. The Glossary tab displays Normal Lab Values and Common Urology Abbreviations.

Questions may be Flagged for Review for easy identification. The Review feature may be used at any time during the exam and will allow you to quickly return to any questions you have not yet answered or you have Flagged for Review. To navigate to any item in the exam, click on the question number under Sequence. Alternately, there are Review All and Review Incomplete options available in the lower right corner of the Review page.

If you click Pause during the exam, your exam timer will stop and the test logs out. You will need to log back in to continue. If you click Cancel, you will return to the test. Please be aware that only one resident may take a break at any time.

Important: it is to your benefit to answer all questions even if you are not certain of the correct answer. Credit is only given for completed questions.

When you have answered all questions and completed your review, click on the Finish button on the bottom right of the Review screen to acknowledge your completion of the exam. The next screen will thank you for taking the AUA's Examination. You will advance to the exam Survey by clicking the Next button. After you have completed the Survey, the next screen will include an End button to close out your exam session.

Examinees are required to leave this instruction document with their proctor after completing the exam.