Methods in Clinical Urology Research (MCURe) Workshop

Nominations are no longer being accepted at this time. The 2023 nomination process will begin next spring.

The goal of the Methods in Clinical Urology Research (MCURe) Workshop—co-sponsored by the AUA and Duke University—is to help urologists and urologic researchers design, implement and more effectively participate as clinical research sites, providing a key resource for advancing patient care. MCURe consists of pre-meeting online coursework followed by a virtual workshop. A nomination is required to attend.

Pre-Workshop Online Coursework

Prior to the workshop, participants will have access to online educational content focusing on the fundamentals of clinical biostatistics and clinical research design. Participants will also prepare a study protocol for a proposed research question with guidance provided by a workshop mentor.

In-Person Workshop:

Clinical research and biostatistical experts in urology will cover advanced topics on biostatistics and clinical trial design, as well as patient reported outcomes, pragmatic clinical trials and surgical clinical trials. Best practices for successful clinical research implementation will also be reviewed, such as participant engagement, building effective research teams and integration of mobile technologies into clinical research.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe/identify common clinical research study designs and inherent risks of bias for each design
  2. Identify sources of potential bias in clinical research
  3. Describe/identify clinical trial design features to minimize the risk of bias in trial results
  4. Apply the hypothesis testing framework to construct a testable hypothesis question
  5. Identify different types of data used for clinical trial endpoints (continuous, categorical, special categorical cases, e.g., ordinal, time to event)
  6. Assess appropriate approaches to planning & reporting clinical research results

Nomination Forms:

2021 MCURe Call for Nominations [PDF]

2021 MCURe Agenda [PDF]