Residency Research Awards

Urology Care Foundation Residency Research Awards help provide urology residents with research training to enable them to build momentum toward a career that includes research. After more than ten years as a successful program to support surgeon-scientist training, the program has been restructured to increase support for a wider community of residents interested in pursuing urologic research. Changes include:

  • Funding Amount: $10,000 per award. Institutional support must be demonstrated in the application, though matching funds are no longer required.
  • Allowable Costs: Restricted to research supplies and other resources needed to conduct the research project and the resident's research training.
  • Award Period: 3-12 months.
  • Level of Effort: 80% protected time for the duration of the project.

The 2022 competition is now closed. Please check back in the fall for next year's competition.

Download the 2022 Program Announcement and Application Agreement

2022 Residency Research Award Program Announcement [pdf]
2022 Residency Research Award Proposal Agreement [pdf]

Researcher Profiles

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